Allergies, Vaccinating and Titer Testing

As many have heard, allergies seem to be the common issue within the French Bulldog Breed. Not all of them get allergies and we know it's not genetic, so what is causing allergies???

There are lots of mixed reviews out there about allergies but, the #1 culprit seems to be vaccinations. As a pup, they can get up to 4 shots for Parvo and Distemper, plus the awful Rabies shot, all within the first year of life. While I am not completely against vaccinating, I do believe we are over vaccinating which is causing more harm than good.  

Vaccine damage isn’t just limited to the immediate reaction like facial swelling, throat swelling, hives etc., but the big issue is the damage it causes to them internally that will effect them for their entire life. Typically vaccine damage happens slowly, over weeks and even months. So while you might not see it right away, or even the first year, your dog will eventually end up showing signs of the vaccine damage and by then it's too late to reverse the damage. This is because there are toxic ingredients in vaccines that accumulate in the body. Which eventually can cause Immune Disorders, allergies, inflammatory conditions and even cancer.​

So how do we fix this and protect our pups at the same time???


There are a few things we can do...


The first option is to Titer Test your pup after their first set of shots given by your breeder. This is a blood test done by your vet that gets sent into a lab and it will prove that your pup has immunity toward Parvo and Distemper. Once you have proven that your pup has immunity you do not have to get the rest of the puppy shots that the vet requires. The Titer Test is your proof that your dog is covered. To help keep their immune system up and fight off any viruses their first year you will give them Olive Leaf Extract or Vibactra. You can do the Titer Test every 3 years to prove immunity so that you never have to vaccinate against Parvo and Distemper again.

The second option is for the families who aren't comfortable with doing Titer Testing because your vet has put pressure on you and has talked you out of it, is to use the Anti-Vaccinosis spray, which is one of my requirements for your pups first year on the checklist. You will use this after each shot to detox your pup from all of the harmful chemicals and metals in the vaccine. This will not take away the benefits from the shot itself, it will just detox your pups system so that the checmicals and metals don't stay inside and cause an issue later on.  Now there is no guarantee that this will completely prevent allergies and other side effects of shots so the Titer Test is defiantly the best route to go but, if you aren't comfortable with that or your vet has pressured you out of it, then please use the Anti-Vaccinosis spray after each shot to give your pup the best chance at detoxing from the vaccine.

So we've discussed how to handle the series of puppy shots for Parvo and Distemper but, what about Rabies shots???

Rabies is the worst and hardest shot on your pups immune system, but unfortunately, this shot is required by law in all states so we are forced to give it to them. I recommend waiting until your pup is closer to a year old before you give them their Rabies shot and it should NEVER be given with another shot, regardless of what your vet says, and you should always opt to have the 3 year shot done. The reason for suggesting to wait until your pup is a year old is because that gives your pup time to develop a strong immune system. Once your pup has been given the Rabies shot you will need to detox them from the shot by using the Anti-Vaccinosis spray to reverse the harmful effects of the shot. I understand that not everyone can wait until their pup is a year old to give them their Rabies shot due to needing to put them in doggy day care or to board them if you have to go out of town, so if you can't wait make sure to wait until your pup is at least 5-6 months old and never ever give rabies with another shot

Note: After your pup gets their first Rabies shot you will be able to Titer Test them for that as well. You will not have to give them another rabies shot as long as you Titer test every 3 years and the test shows immunity to rabies.

What about Lepto Shots (Leptopirosis Shot)???  Does my pup need them and are they safe???

Absolutely no Lepto shots for frenchies!!! This is a "non-core" vaccination and the side effects are awful and will last for life. However, if the vet talks you into it make sure to use the Anti-Vaccinosis spray to minimize the side effects and be on the watch for seizures because that's a very common side effect of this shot in this breed. To avoid your pup getting the bacteria is to never let your dog drink from sitting water, ponds and lakes. However, if they do, make sure to give them Olive Leaf or Vibactra and this will prevent your pup from getting the bacteria. A pup who takes Olive Leaf or Vibactra daily will be able to fight off bacteria.

I am not an expert on vaccinations and I don't claim to be. This information all comes from personal experience from breeding these pups for several years, tons of research and working with other breeders and holistic veterinarians to come up with a plan to try and eliminate allergies in my pups. This is working for us and I wanted to share with everyone so that you too can be confident that you are doing all that you can for your pup, to ensure they have a long healthy life with no allergies.

Here are some links to do your own research: